Chopped Glass Fibers

This high-quality product delivers strength and performance for a variety of applications across asphalt, construction and composite product industries. In addition to strength and durability, this free-flowing product disperses quickly when mixed to deliver a homogenous, highly pigmentable surface with limited fiber prints and good color.

Uses & applications:

  • Asphalt paving
  • Engineered BMC and composite materials

Key benefits:

  • Improved flexural toughness, ductility, energy absorption, and fatigue resistance.
  • Increase impact and shear resistance in asphalt applications.
  • Enhanced durability and ultimate load-bearing capacity.
  • Improved mechanical properties, modulus and dimensional stability.
  • Improved melt flow and minimal distortion under high temperatures.
  • Disperses quickly during mixing.
  • Extremely high chemical resistance.
Chopped glass fibers

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Asphalt Fiber Specifications

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REGEN Fiber chopped glass fibers

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REGEN Fiber chopped glass fibers

Glass Fiber-Powder Safety Data Sheet

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