Recycled FRP Fibers

Manufactured using top-quality fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) materials from wind turbine blades, this product benefits concrete and mortar applications with increased tensile strength, toughness, freeze-thaw resistance and durability. This product is designed to mix with all types of concrete formulations, as well as disperse and finish with excellent workability.

Uses & applications:

  • Slabs-on-grade
  • Concrete decks
  • Overlays
  • Pavement
  • Bridge decks
  • Shotcrete
  • Precast products

Key benefits:

  • Enhanced durability, flexural toughness, ductility, energy absorption and fatigue resistance.
  • Increased ultimate load-bearing capacity and crack resistance.
  • Uniform multi-directional concrete reinforcement with increased impact and shear resistance.
  • Extremely high chemical resistance.
  • Disperses quickly during mixing.
Recycled RFP Fibers