Press release: REGEN Fiber unveils innovative wind turbine recycling solution

Technology transforms wind turbine blades into materials for construction, keeping them out of landfills

FAIRFAX, Iowa (June 5, 2024) – REGEN Fiber hosted a grand opening today to showcase the company’s sustainable solution to the wind energy industry. As part of the event, the company announced production is underway at its Fairfax facility.

Owned by Travero, a subsidiary of Alliant Energy, REGEN Fiber addresses a critical need in the wind industry by recycling wind turbine blades at the end of their life cycle. Rather than burning blades or burying them in landfills, REGEN Fiber’s innovative process shreds the blades, extracts usable components, and transforms them into premium products that are used in construction materials, such as concrete.

REGEN Fiber’s all-mechanical recycling process avoids using heat or chemicals, providing a more environmentally friendly solution. This method significantly reduces hazardous waste disposal and eliminates blade incineration.

“We are thrilled to offer this innovative solution to concrete and asphalt producers both locally and nationwide,” said Lisha Coffey, President of Travero. “Our process not only provides a sustainable method of disposing of wind turbine blades but also supports businesses’ in achieving their sustainability goals and reducing the carbon footprint on construction projects that use our products.”

At the event, REGEN Fiber officials demonstrated how the company’s recycling process supports a circular economy by repurposing blade materials for industrial applications, including concrete, mortar and asphalt. These recycled materials can then be used in various construction projects within the energy industry.

“Our process recycles 100% of the wind turbine blade, creating fibers and additives that enhance the durability and environmental resistance of concrete and asphalt,” said Jeff Woods, Director of Business Development at Travero. “This improves the structural integrity of roads and buildings, making them more resilient.”

At full, one-shift, production, REGEN Fiber expects to process more than 30,000 tons of blades each year at the Fairfax facility, with the ability to increase production in the future.

In addition to its headquarters in Fairfax, REGEN Fiber has established strategic partnerships nationwide to further its growth and add value. These partnerships include a facility in Des Moines, Iowa that recycles new turbine blade manufacturing scrap material as well as a blade processing facility in Lubbock, Texas, strategically located to access blades throughout the southern United States.

For media inquiries, contact Morgan Hawk at (319) 786-4040 or contact REGEN Fiber for more information about products and services.