About REGEN Fiber

In 2023, REGEN Fiber became the newest division of Travero Inc., a subsidiary of Alliant Energy Corporation. Alliant Energy is a midwest energy holding company and the third-largest regulated wind energy producer in the United States. Travero provides logistics solutions, including trucking, warehousing, rail freight, and barge terminal services.

REGEN Fiber recycles wind turbine blades into top-performing and sustainable fibers. Our proprietary technology and 100% mechanical processes deliver truly eco-friendly solutions to a major supply chain challenge faced by the wind energy industry – material waste management.

From new wind turbine blade manufacturing scrap materials to blades that have been decommissioned due to damage or reaching their end of life, we are the world’s first and only company to “free the fiber” from waste materials generated at both ends of the wind turbine blade lifecycle without using a thermal or chemical process.

Founded by leading experts in fiber-reinforced materials and structures, our fibers are used across a variety of industries including concrete, mortar, asphalt, and composites.

Our goal is to provide eco-friendly logistics and recycling solutions for the wind industry while providing quality products for infrastructure applications.

Press Release: Groundbreaking recycling solution for wind turbine blades unveiled