About REGEN Fiber

REGEN Fiber is an Iowa-based company that recycles wind turbine blades and new blade manufacturing scrap to produce top-performing reinforcement fibers and additives for the construction industry.

REGEN Fiber’s sustainable solution helps solve the wind industry’s growing challenge to find environmentally friendly ways to dispose of wind turbine components. From wind turbine blade materials to decommissioned blades, we are the world’s first and only company recycle wind turbine blades in a sustainable, all-mechanical process. And we do it all without thermal or chemicals, paving the way toward the future of infrastructure.

REGEN Fiber offers the construction industry fibers and additives made from 100% recycled materials that increase the strength and durability of concrete and asphalt. Our products can be used in a variety of applications, including concrete paving, bulk molding and soil stabilization. 

Press Release: REGEN Fiber unveils innovative wind turbine recycling solution